Welcome to the Official European PlayStation Magazine Fan WikiEdit

Welcome to my fanon Official European PlayStation Magazine Wiki, where there are original demos from the OPSM lineup from the UK, France, Germany, and even Australia. Since it's a fanon Wiki, you can also contribute your own ideas for a demo disc. Feel free and have fun contributing them!

Original demos are ©1995-2004 SCEE and Future Publishing

Fan Demo Disc Contribution concept is largely inspired from the Fantendo Wiki.

For scans, see crimson-ceremony's PlayStation Demo PALs Website.

Fanon Demo Disc Contribution RuleEdit

While contributing your own demos, DON'T duplicate the ideas of the original discs. That means you can't put the same Background, Interface, Music, Games or Videos, unless it's intentional to have your favorite games imported (like the Net Yaroze Hall of Fame on UK#42 and Essential PlayStation 12) or to add the same demo with scrapped items. Just don't copy the originals and make up your own!

Latest activityEdit

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