Overview Edit

The seventh demo in the Best Games Ever! series, released in 2000, and the first to be numbered since The Best Racing Games Ever.

Interface Info Edit

Interface Background: Sea Waves (sideways, w/silhouette)

Number of Icons: 9

Selection Style: Single (L/R, M)

Background Music: #7 (2000-2004, Jason Page)

Playables Edit

  • Metal Gear Solid: Special Missions
  • Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation
  • Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2
  • Wip3out

Videos Edit

  • Alien: Resurrection
  • Driver 2
  • Gran Turismo 2
  • Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX

Extras Edit

  • YVJ v0.5

Trivia Edit

  • The dreaded Comic Sans strikes again.
  • The Official Australian PlayStation Magazine included this disc with a regular issue (#44) in place of discs 69 and 70. Not a huge loss, really, given their content (or lack thereof).
  • There is no PowerLine logo for this disc; instead a generic loading screen that reads "Loading... The Best Games Ever" takes its place.

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