This is a list of the fan demo disc features (invented by Eryk) that are exclusive to the wiki (since it's not only a database, but also a fanon wiki), which means these don't exist in real life. These are supposed to be Blu-Ray PS3 discs for the 20th anniversary of OPSM.

Multipack Compilations Edit

This is a disc that includes multiple demo discs in one. These are inspired from the bootleg Famiclone cartridges.

Compilation Example Edit

EEEV1 Demo Disc Pack

Overview Edit

This is a compilation disc which includes all of the EEE Volume 1 discs. Released in 2016.

Compilation Info Edit

Menu Background: Ericorsio Logo

Number of Demos: 4

Selection Style: Corresponding Button Press

Background Music: #MENU (????, Jason Page)

Demos Edit

Demo Icons Press
EEEV1D1 12 X
EEEV1D2 12 []
EEEV1D3 12 ()
EEEV1D4 12 /\
Overall 48

Extended Demo Discs Edit

These are the demo discs that have more than 12 icons in the interface.

Multi-Icons Demo Discs Edit

These are the demo discs that have sub menus for icons. Great for making multiple genres special demos. These can be extended too!

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