Welcome to the guide of fanon OEUPSM Demo Disc contributing!

Notice Edit

A notice is what first pops up after booting up the console. You can put the notice in any of the 5 languages (English, French, German, Italian and Spanish). Piracy notice before that one is optional.


The POWERLINE/Loading logo comes up after the notice, you can choose any of these.You can also add your own logo or a logo of a game company (like namco for instance).

Overview Edit

Please describe your own demo with any information. You can also put your own release date.

Interface Info Edit

The interface is a menu where you select a Game or a Video to play. There are many types of selections and a variety of backgrounds and music.

Interface Background: You can name the backgrounds with your own BG name or you can use phrases like "from "insert demo disc name here", e.g. ED#52, OGPSM07/99, OFPSM36. In brackets you can put your own recolor of the background with any color you want.

Number of Icons: (min. 2 to max. 12)

Selection Style: There are many types of selection styles:

Single (L/R, B/M/T) - One icon is visible, control with Left/Right D-Pad arrows. Icon is at the Bottom, Middle or Top

Multi (L/R, B/M/T) - All icons are visible in a circle. Icons are at the Bottom, Middle or Top

Single (U/D) - One icon is visible, control with Up/Down D-Pad arrows. This one is ALWAYS at the Middle of the screen, because it scroll up or down once the game/video is selected.

Multi (L/R/U/D, S) - The selection is Static, which means all of the icons are visible, but not in a circle. Control with all D-Pad arrows. Use this if you want the 1st issue's Psygnosis interface engine.

Multi (L/R, S) - Control with Left/Right D-Pad arrows. Usually 2 icons are visible. Use this if you want to make your own dedicated Collector's Edition demo.

Single/Multi (L/R, U/D, U) - The selection is Unique, which means you can see the icons in an innovative look, like in RUD04 (ice cubes reflect the icon).

Background Music: You can put the music by numbers (e.g. #1 ('95, CoLD SToRAGE (Tim Wright)) or by availability only (e.g. '99-2000, Harry Holmwood, Jason Page). You can have the BGM slower or faster (e.g. 75%, 50%, 115% (100% is default))

Playables/Videos Edit

This is a list of playable demos or videos you want to put up. For the videos, you can put your favorite video if you want. For games/videos, use the bullet list, but for your own Net Yaroze compilation, please use the numbered list.