Overview Edit

The 28th issue of OFPSM. Released in February 1999.

Interface Info Edit

Interface Background: The Flower (Green)

Number of Icons: 7

Selection Style: Multi (L/R, M)

Background Music: #2 ('95-'99, Harry Holmwood)

Playables Edit

  • 1001 pattes (A Bug's Life)
  • Akuji the Heartless
  • Colony Wars: Vengeance (Cover says Colony Wars 2)
  • Cool Boarders 3
  • Devil Dice
  • O.D.T.

Videos Edit

  • Eliminator

Trivia Edit

  • The French equivalent of OUKPSM#42, except this one does not have the Net Yaroze Hall of Fame compilation, which implies that French gamers dearly missed out on this compilation, as much as they missed out on Mah Jongg and Total Soccer.
  • This disc includes two unused playables, one for Formula 1 98 and the other for Bust-a-Groove.

Gallery Edit

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