Supposed background (#54 Recolor)

Overview Edit

The 3rd disc of the unofficial essentials series with games picked by the founder for the 20th Anniversary of OPSM. Released in 2016.

Interface Info Edit

Interface Background: Spiral Balls (() Ruby Red)

Number of Icons: 12

Selection Style: Single (L/R, B)

Background Music: #E2 (2016, Eryk Minkowski)

Playables Edit

  • Um Jammer Lammy (2P demo)
  • 40 Winks
  • No Fear Downhill Mountain Biking
  • Killer Loop (ERIC'S FAVORITE)
  • Kingsley's Adventure
  • Bugs Bunny: Lost in Time
  • Speed Freaks
  • Tony Hawk's Skateboarding
  • Judge Jules' MUSIC Tunes
  • Tank Racer

Videos Edit

  • Star Ixiom
  • Gran Turismo 2 (trailer)

Trivia Edit

  • Most titles are from the 50 series.